Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters. You asked for it. This was absolutely insane.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.

This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.

If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do a rematch!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

Felipe Gabriel S2
Felipe Gabriel S2 9 minutit tagasi
Hills Judson
Hills Judson 10 minutit tagasi
The hospitable accountant finallly scrape because weed jelly please like a painful himalayan. inexpensive, obsolete hook
Heidi Latham
Heidi Latham 23 minutit tagasi
How do you get your voice to mine raft wall filming? I tried but it didn` work. What app do you use
Farhan Karim
Farhan Karim 28 minutit tagasi
The axes name is Dream Slayer LOL
աӄ 47 minutit tagasi
who's the winner
Nikolas e Kauan Bnv
Nikolas e Kauan Bnv Tund tagasi
kwok wing lee
kwok wing lee Tund tagasi
......can dream talk because I don't resonise his vioce
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer Tund tagasi
EQ Player!
Boyfriend Tund tagasi
Dream vs 10k mobs be like:
🌚SaMoCouple🌝 2 tundi tagasi
23:42 torime 🤧✝️
Enzo Gadenz
Enzo Gadenz 2 tundi tagasi
How boring
Brice Glenn
Brice Glenn 2 tundi tagasi
Hey Dream are you ready to DIAMONDS!!! -George 2020
beccacres 2 tundi tagasi
dream was about to die just how
Wágenhoffer Olivér
Wágenhoffer Olivér 3 tundi tagasi
Boat: *exists Dream: Im invincible! Hunters: Its time to give up
Analee mcmurray
Analee mcmurray 3 tundi tagasi
His name is clay☺
Spuiidy 4 tundi tagasi
Lena Phan
Lena Phan 4 tundi tagasi
Oh dreammmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Lena Phan
Lena Phan 4 tundi tagasi
They actually have something to tell you
Lena Phan
Lena Phan 4 tundi tagasi
Oh the ender dragon or kill your friends
abyssano78 4 tundi tagasi
Badboyhalo : I DON'T HAVE PANTS !!!! Dream : Come here no-pants man ! 😂😂🤣
Денис Еремеев
Денис Еремеев 5 tundi tagasi
Твои друзья очень смешные
Maria Balbin
Maria Balbin 5 tundi tagasi
Dream won I saw the achievement
Lynnea Portman
Lynnea Portman 5 tundi tagasi
That was EPIC!!! Keep making good vids :)
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 5 tundi tagasi
Half a heart Me: Thinks its over Video: 5:06 out of 48:01 Also Me: WAIT, WTF
Kendrick Dominguez
Kendrick Dominguez 6 tundi tagasi
hey drime why dont you play 3v1 whit jelly josh and crainer
fly 6 tundi tagasi
22:25 that’s literally the smartest thing I ever seen
AUGUS NKK 7 tundi tagasi
i dont no dream auto click 30:43
rem3266 8 tundi tagasi
hey iv got a really cool chanel to show you if you could just look up beth trevino tell me how you like it because it is the cutest thing i have ever seen
Freddy 8 tundi tagasi
AL 8 tundi tagasi
when dream frost walkers the pond, "It was a trap!" says sapnap
Gonza 8 tundi tagasi
Hola Buenas, Soy El Unico Español En Los Comentarios :')
НУБАС С АЛМАЗ 8 tundi tagasi
Я тут один русский который смотрит дрима
AL 8 tundi tagasi
Who wants a six hunter with tommy as the sixth hunter
siddiqua 9 tundi tagasi
Oh bhi pro nice bro
Jaydon Ruble
Jaydon Ruble 9 tundi tagasi
The glamorous alloy endogenously miss because cherries timely question through a thoughtless foundation. mysterious, understood timpani
Ogryzek brawl stars
Ogryzek brawl stars 9 tundi tagasi
Dream is you skill in the best
Squirrel who was in Vietnam
Squirrel who was in Vietnam 10 tundi tagasi
Dream: *does something really cool* Also dream: *yyyYyyEeeESsSS*
muhammad hafiz halimil hakim
muhammad hafiz halimil hakim 10 tundi tagasi
Who's winner?
XAVIER HART 6 tundi tagasi
sapnap george and bad
Isaac Vili
Isaac Vili 10 tundi tagasi
How do you know what to do at all times b
Domino 11 tundi tagasi
Dream what computer do you have?
Aline Costa
Aline Costa 11 tundi tagasi
Melhor do mundo com certeza
Victor Zheng
Victor Zheng 11 tundi tagasi
The abject shame considerably cycle because lyric aesthetically divide in a ritzy revolver. sparkling, low network
Ars_n 12 tundi tagasi
George: I died from gravity it's not fare me: hahahaha *me dieing from laughter*
Le Khoa Thy Nguyen
Le Khoa Thy Nguyen 12 tundi tagasi
wow the dream died
Zaidan Fatan
Zaidan Fatan 13 tundi tagasi
Owwwww dream die and he lose
PREMIUM Let's Play
PREMIUM Let's Play 13 tundi tagasi
Maybe it will be interesting to change the positions. Dream has to stop other players from winning. With some specific rules, it would be possible.
Monica Dixon
Monica Dixon 13 tundi tagasi
The vivacious castanet identically scorch because nitrogen extraorally join since a possible rate. talented, alcoholic beard
Joud Siraj
Joud Siraj 13 tundi tagasi
I love you so much
Kwon Do Song
Kwon Do Song 13 tundi tagasi
quote from badboyhalo "I have no pants!" XD
Kwon Do Song
Kwon Do Song 13 tundi tagasi
when the dream slayer becomes dream's slayer
•*glitch Trap*•
•*glitch Trap*• 13 tundi tagasi
1Billion IQ hes a god. He wins at almost all of these xD
Donkeyman 13 tundi tagasi
Kwon Do Song
Kwon Do Song 13 tundi tagasi
TheCoolDray 123
TheCoolDray 123 14 tundi tagasi
The part where they were in the end its just an intense battle like if this would be a movie it would be much intense and more cooler
GREEN BALLON 14 tundi tagasi
Does dream remember when I played roblox with him?
Billy Cabido
Billy Cabido 14 tundi tagasi
Attack on titan
Attack on titan 14 tundi tagasi
By far This is my favorite speedrun
Salina Karanjit
Salina Karanjit 15 tundi tagasi
J Johnson
J Johnson 16 tundi tagasi
Dream is legendary
J Johnson
J Johnson 16 tundi tagasi
The way Sap nap screams I can’t stop 😂
Analee mcmurray
Analee mcmurray 16 tundi tagasi
Analee mcmurray
Analee mcmurray 16 tundi tagasi
Is ...... .....
Analee mcmurray
Analee mcmurray 16 tundi tagasi
Your Name
Analee mcmurray
Analee mcmurray 16 tundi tagasi
Bout to say it
Analee mcmurray
Analee mcmurray 16 tundi tagasi
Dream guess what? I know you name
1O4 ThE RuNnNn...........
1O4 ThE RuNnNn........... 16 tundi tagasi
9:48 I will sacrifice my life to GeorgeNotFound
I eat itty bitt monsters
I eat itty bitt monsters 16 tundi tagasi
I love this ship I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it
I eat itty bitt monsters
I eat itty bitt monsters 16 tundi tagasi
Dream x George
Avi Mehra
Avi Mehra 17 tundi tagasi
Dream wins
Avi Mehra
Avi Mehra 3 tundi tagasi
@XAVIER HART ok u r right 👍
Avi Mehra
Avi Mehra 3 tundi tagasi
XAVIER HART 5 tundi tagasi
@Avi Mehra just because you like dream doesn't mean you give him special treatment.
XAVIER HART 5 tundi tagasi
@Avi Mehra and tell me this how come when he shot the ender dragon and then sapnap killed him sapnap said i won but dream used the excuse no i killed him first and then died so they accepted it and he won but now its the opposite so shouldnt the rules still apply? he made the rules himself so he should abide by it sapnap killed him first this time so they win.
Avi Mehra
Avi Mehra 6 tundi tagasi
@XAVIER HART he killed ender dragon and them died
Alexander Dobson
Alexander Dobson 17 tundi tagasi
Dude if he would have been able to execute that fishing rod, to forced suicide, but saved by ender pearl.... that would have been it for me.
Aquarius 17 tundi tagasi
I love how dream just waddle away from his friend 🤣
When the imposter Sus
When the imposter Sus 17 tundi tagasi
Time to force dream to do a manhunt in real in today video we are going to see if I can kill dream in real life
ImCommunistDoggo. 9 tundi tagasi
@When the imposter Sus repo?
When the imposter Sus
When the imposter Sus 17 tundi tagasi
And r3p0. His dead body 😩
Alison Wells
Alison Wells 17 tundi tagasi
Me when I finished video 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Aquarius 17 tundi tagasi
Asher's Code
Asher's Code 18 tundi tagasi
Me just listening to this and thinking of Dream being in Star Wars
Aquarius 17 tundi tagasi
BenjaBlox Pro
BenjaBlox Pro 18 tundi tagasi
Es un na. Makina
BenjaBlox Pro
BenjaBlox Pro 18 tundi tagasi
Es un na. Makina
영준 강
영준 강 19 tundi tagasi
The noiseless menu operationally whisper because grandson problematically fence against a abnormal curler. resolute, clean scale
ImCommunistDoggo. 9 tundi tagasi
Cataleya Brey Janolino
Cataleya Brey Janolino 19 tundi tagasi
You are my dream
Tapirgod 19 tundi tagasi
Me at 2:06 when he turns the speedrun music on: oh well. I should get ready for scream
Alex DuWaldt
Alex DuWaldt 20 tundi tagasi
Pretty hype, especially considering there were 4 hunters this time, although at times it worked against them. XD especially with Sapnap's shotcalling. There was a point when Dream had like 4 hearts and they were all on him, had him trapped in endstone, Dream hits Sapnap once and he's like "BACK OFF!" Lol. 38:38 for that interaction. In the end it was kindof a choke from Dream, the TNT was a hail mary compared to just running away, ender pearling to the Dragon and whacking it with the sharpness 4 axe. You could also say that the 4 of them pushed Dream to his limits at multiple points and that's what ended up making him crack, but there was also lots of stuff the 4 of them could have done better. Like whoever was calling "I'm towering after him." XDXDXD god damnit, he's in the same call, just stay silent and get the dub. Now that ice part XD that was ingenious by Dream. Essentially, Dream technically lost, but he was swagging on those 4 dudes for hours before the final moment.
Wei Chen
Wei Chen 20 tundi tagasi
i love you DREAM
กษิดิส เงินงาม
กษิดิส เงินงาม 20 tundi tagasi
Dream kill the dragonnnnnnnnn
ShadowSpirt 20 tundi tagasi
Did anyone else realize that he stacked a crafting table on a crafting table? Is that even possible?
Huels Lacy
Huels Lacy 20 tundi tagasi
The uneven dedication uniquely injure because south korea maternally welcome worth a parched john. insidious, rampant head
Eno Lin
Eno Lin 20 tundi tagasi
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 21 tund tagasi
Badboyhalo(in the end): ooh he has a fishing rod Me thinking: out of all those times you got killed by his fishing rod you just realize he has it?
Doglover372 Firepower279
Doglover372 Firepower279 21 tund tagasi
Dream wonnnnnnnnnn. You can’t let that past. Dream woonnnnnnnnnn
Madison Mendenhall
Madison Mendenhall 21 tund tagasi
When he sets up a portal my mind just tries to comprehend what happened 🥲
•*glitch Trap*•
•*glitch Trap*• 22 tundi tagasi
*Insert speedrun music*
Juan Felipe
Juan Felipe 22 tundi tagasi
Drenam i love u
LEANNE CHAN Moe 22 tundi tagasi
Best speed runner ever!
Purple Pig
Purple Pig 22 tundi tagasi
Only i felt kinda bad when he kiilled it? 23:23
Battle Mode
Battle Mode 22 tundi tagasi
22:18 when he got hit it the music perfectly got in time
Purple Pig
Purple Pig 22 tundi tagasi
Purple Pig
Purple Pig 22 tundi tagasi
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin 23 tundi tagasi
why are you so mean to tommyinnit?
Sergio Morales- Flores
Sergio Morales- Flores 23 tundi tagasi
Giovanni Leal
Giovanni Leal Päev tagasi
Dream won as long as he kills the dragon he wins even if he died before the dragon gets killed so he pretty much won
XAVIER HART 6 tundi tagasi
no he lost before the manhunt sapnap killed dream right after dream died and dream made the argument i killed it before i died so he won but now he has to abide by those same rules its not fair for the rules dream made to differentiate just for him he lost.
Roxell Dhean
Roxell Dhean Päev tagasi
Dream can you invite me in your smp
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