Minecraft, But The Ender Dragon Is Our Pet...

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Minecraft, But The Ender Dragon Is Our Pet... this was insane!
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game while having the ender dragon as our pet. We can ride on it's back while it destroys blocks, shoots fireballs, and soars through the skies. This was super funny and fun.

Can we beat the enderdragon?

Minecraft But challenge

Feline Gamer
Feline Gamer 2 tundi tagasi
"I just destroyed that cat" Me: GEORGE HOW COULD YOU!?!
Haylie Brendan TV
Haylie Brendan TV 4 tundi tagasi
How you get her? Did you get a dragon egg Eh eh?
Laura Haapamaki
Laura Haapamaki 5 tundi tagasi
♡×Pebble×♡ 6 tundi tagasi
*u just love the Christmas song don't u*
alisa s
alisa s 9 tundi tagasi
i miss 2020 summer vibes
Lila Ente
Lila Ente 11 tundi tagasi
Idea: Minecraft but everytime we pick up experience, we grow bigger (or smaller)
cheat gaming
cheat gaming 14 tundi tagasi
Shadow Beats
Shadow Beats Päev tagasi
They couldn’ve had netheite so easy
Laura Haapamaki
Laura Haapamaki Päev tagasi
I bet you are having the best time in your lives
Laura Haapamaki
Laura Haapamaki Päev tagasi
I thot it wo d be nice to say it so ya
Clxxdy_edits Päev tagasi
Ok so- please someone answer this ;-; are y’all dating-
꧁Xx Itz_Liam xX꧂
꧁Xx Itz_Liam xX꧂ Päev tagasi
Me:is that dragon in a god mode?it literally still alive after all thoose mining(bad grammar) OMG!! HOW?!?! JUST HOW?!
Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller Päev tagasi
Mobs: *exist* Dream and George on the dragon: *Yeet em*
Chef's of wonders
Chef's of wonders Päev tagasi
If it was wisp he would name the dragon bertha
Marcus Lucas
Marcus Lucas Päev tagasi
Ender did not kill anything at all
Clxudy Playz
Clxudy Playz Päev tagasi
Did not expect your videos to be like this judging by your fan base (this is my first time watching your videos) you’re really cool!
Joshua DELA CRUZ 2 päeva tagasi
please make a challenge where you are always mounted on top of a donkey or cow a pig or a horse!
Jasheem Jade Cartel
Jasheem Jade Cartel 2 päeva tagasi
UM dream why do you always manhunt?
Aquarius Päev tagasi
He manhunts for our entertainment why else would he making them
Yiğit 3 päeva tagasi
julieann grace punsalan
julieann grace punsalan 3 päeva tagasi
Pa shout out po
Bauu 3 päeva tagasi
Alternative title: Minecraft but it's How to train your dragon movie
John T, Green
John T, Green 4 päeva tagasi
Berry & Toeh
Berry & Toeh 4 päeva tagasi
One of the codes are geo-641F3928 thank me later
Niko Delos Santos
Niko Delos Santos 5 päeva tagasi
Love your self
TheGoldStar Productions
TheGoldStar Productions 5 päeva tagasi
Seeing George go towards the sunset was like watching a fly go towards the sun.
NoobAyaan 5 päeva tagasi
2 dragons lol
💲💲💲 6 päeva tagasi
i miss my streamer
anet admin
anet admin 6 päeva tagasi
KC PLAYZ 6 päeva tagasi
Julian Baxter
Julian Baxter 6 päeva tagasi
Dragon George vs Dragon Dream
Pedro Zamarioli
Pedro Zamarioli 7 päeva tagasi
George’s videos: So I coded it so we can.... Dream’s video: So we coded it so we can....
YVETTE GONZALEZ 7 päeva tagasi
You make my day happy
Janek Grochoscianek
Janek Grochoscianek 7 päeva tagasi
Ender dragon vs ender dragon epic
Mackenzie Loggins
Mackenzie Loggins 7 päeva tagasi
Your dragon’s name should be Georgia
GIACOMO QUARENA 7 päeva tagasi
6:10 you said it but you've never done it!
SKULLY 7 päeva tagasi
I went to patreon and got supporter++but I can't add this into my server plugin
willbro 7 päeva tagasi
why you should never ever let the dragon out
Jess GamerPro
Jess GamerPro 8 päeva tagasi
Dream: I'm on half a heart stop... You have three and a half
Kaylee 8 päeva tagasi
Ender dragon Vs Ender Dragon = sisters fighting
Eatexil 8 päeva tagasi
this is funny
Hezelmarie Busarang
Hezelmarie Busarang 8 päeva tagasi
Wait how????????😮
Nathan Estrada
Nathan Estrada 8 päeva tagasi
Make a mod that’s everything
3о ксюша
3о ксюша 8 päeva tagasi
Obeth Garcia
Obeth Garcia 9 päeva tagasi
Yeetsquadxox 9 päeva tagasi
Why did I see that it was Dream and George and then come in because I need dreamnotfound scenes 😩
Solder 9 päeva tagasi
The dragons name should’ve been DreamNotFound
Kai Ny Teo
Kai Ny Teo 9 päeva tagasi
Kalel Bostic
Kalel Bostic 9 päeva tagasi
this is so @p
Matt K
Matt K 9 päeva tagasi
Dream can I join your gameplay I just need your Minecraft code please and my Minecraft code is Matiar14 ok thanks
dinosaur noob2011
dinosaur noob2011 9 päeva tagasi
The dragon is more of a bike then a pet really
William Afton
William Afton 10 päeva tagasi
Dark warm_FF_
Dark warm_FF_ 10 päeva tagasi
Dragon: Nooo go to my head brooo
Melanie Bannister
Melanie Bannister 10 päeva tagasi
Imagine you were a sheep your name was Robert do you have a pet dragon I love dragons Bruh
Frosty chips
Frosty chips 10 päeva tagasi
This is why I’m subbed to both of them with notifications
Silvana's right chancla
Silvana's right chancla 10 päeva tagasi
I almost died watching this video since basically the whole video i was on my Hoberborde 😅
Deimante Pil
Deimante Pil 10 päeva tagasi
kraljica bravl stars-a
kraljica bravl stars-a 11 päeva tagasi
ZyXe Falc0n
ZyXe Falc0n 11 päeva tagasi
killing the ender dragon with an ender dragon pet.... dont know how i feel about that
Nigel Sean Santos
Nigel Sean Santos 11 päeva tagasi
Hi clay
Niña Mogello
Niña Mogello 11 päeva tagasi
N Y 307 gamers
N Y 307 gamers 11 päeva tagasi
N Y 307 gamers
N Y 307 gamers 11 päeva tagasi
I wana that mode dragon
lolbit schmitt
lolbit schmitt 11 päeva tagasi
Literally they go down to mine once they’re ready for the ender dragon they have full diamond armor when they went down in mind only once a mining session is simply going underground and I’m coming back up and both of you have to be above ground to make it a mining session Because the other one may have just gotten food because they were going to die
Donald Trumps Cat
Donald Trumps Cat 12 päeva tagasi
So Dream was the first Enderknight? The legend of King Rendor isn't true?
zomboss 12 päeva tagasi
IM ON HALF A HEART STOP HITTING ME also on four hearts
GodTier MEMES 12 päeva tagasi
So that explains why moomoo Meadows is not in the new Mario kart games
D animation
D animation 12 päeva tagasi
Dream vs mr beast gas gas gas meme
Man Man
Man Man 12 päeva tagasi
Dream do you like George I wanna know because this my first react you video
Carter Brace
Carter Brace 12 päeva tagasi
The part where George and Dream are throwing codes at each other reminds me of those moving words from Star Wars
Georgianotfound *yay*
Georgianotfound *yay* 12 päeva tagasi
Look how funny the ender dragon looks 7:38
Rachelle Ann Mariano
Rachelle Ann Mariano 12 päeva tagasi
dream yep i have u skin hehe
A Ellis
A Ellis 13 päeva tagasi
I like when they flew through the sand in the deserts because it sounds amazing. Perfect asmr
Anonymous 13 päeva tagasi
"Moo moo meadows" Best line ever
annika 13 päeva tagasi
*”we can ride the dragon.”* -georgenotfound
Ibrahim Albadawi
Ibrahim Albadawi 13 päeva tagasi
Ender dragon pet vs ender dragon
Daniella Kaner
Daniella Kaner 13 päeva tagasi
The protective yacht acutely test because crab analogically please of a puffy baseball. lively, deserted meeting
Virtual Victory VD
Virtual Victory VD 13 päeva tagasi
Imagine netherite mining with this...
Virtual Victory VD
Virtual Victory VD 13 päeva tagasi
Wadzee’s crying with akk the wasted effort
Andhika Storm
Andhika Storm 14 päeva tagasi
Kaylee 14 päeva tagasi
21:59 LMMFAO
Kaylee 14 päeva tagasi
dream got advancement for diamond before monster hunter
PikachuRex Tuber
PikachuRex Tuber 15 päeva tagasi
Dream, please MLG dragon
Tariq Lavingia
Tariq Lavingia 15 päeva tagasi
When they’re in the desert and breaking the sand, that was super satisfying
VIII16-37 SINCHAN CHATTERJEE 15 päeva tagasi
The dragon was too fed by getting killed again and again by this Green Florida man ( Dream ) and hence she decided to surrender to him and instead become a pet....
VIII16-37 SINCHAN CHATTERJEE 15 päeva tagasi
The dragon was too fed by getting killed again and again by this Green Florida man ( Dream ) and hence she decided to surrender to him and instead become a pet....
Julie Anne Torres
Julie Anne Torres 15 päeva tagasi
I saw george and dream kisseng just typ dream and george kiss
Shur'tugal 15 päeva tagasi
This is actually they way that caves were created in minecraft
7 ate 9
7 ate 9 16 päeva tagasi
21:59 what sound did dream just make
Ilena 16 päeva tagasi
george: "look its an abandoned village!... Its about to be no village" *drives dragon through village*
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 16 päeva tagasi
Did you know that the ender dragon has a name it's jean
Linn 16 päeva tagasi
Anas Nabhani
Anas Nabhani 16 päeva tagasi
Dream: we gotten so unlucky today meanwhile 8 minutes ago they found a million diamonds
Praphan Wong
Praphan Wong 16 päeva tagasi
KAUAN SANTOS ANDRADE Andrade 16 päeva tagasi
Oi drem
Esih Sukaesih
Esih Sukaesih 16 päeva tagasi
Papapapapapapappapap hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Omega Byte
Omega Byte 16 päeva tagasi
What about Minecraft but the wither is our pet
Thales Nightmare
Thales Nightmare 17 päeva tagasi
Dream & George kills the Ender Dragon with the Ender Dragon
Neil Neog
Neil Neog 17 päeva tagasi
Me: oh god dream is on half heart Dream: 21:59 Later on George:put water down ×3
°•Moon•° 17 päeva tagasi
George : GET THOSE SHEEPS The SHEEPS : AAAAAAA (A few minutes later) George : (going for the sheeps) The sheeps : oh no... HE IS COMMING AGAIN HIDE
Thant Htet
Thant Htet 17 päeva tagasi
Yogita Gawande
Yogita Gawande 17 päeva tagasi
Whats the worst thing about wolves? Its when you have 3 bones but the wolf requires 4 bones to get tamed.
Xx .Stupid_Wolf_User. xX
Xx .Stupid_Wolf_User. xX 18 päeva tagasi
Not them having to much fun in the beginning
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