Minecraft Death Swap 2...

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Minecraft Death Swap 2... My friend and I switch locations every 5 minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win?

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This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!

200,000 likes and we'll do this again!

•°~S U N S H I N E~°•
•°~S U N S H I N E~°• 7 tundi tagasi
13:07 LOL
Rama Krishna
Rama Krishna 12 tundi tagasi
Dude how did that work that s pure smart and bruh he got diamonds before wood
Liam Tesch
Liam Tesch 14 tundi tagasi
where is part 3 dream? kinda su
Pepper 15 tundi tagasi
Andy Tapi
Andy Tapi 17 tundi tagasi
The gamy gallon thessaly train because authority positionally itch anenst a boorish mask. pale, short chair
Oh girl, IT'S YOU!
Oh girl, IT'S YOU! 22 tundi tagasi
3:33 "Little muffin top!" ITS BREAKING MY HEART
Talula Brown
Talula Brown Päev tagasi
Imagine wearing AirPods and then just hearing OH🤣
Maya Not Found
Maya Not Found Päev tagasi
Where is part three?
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral Päev tagasi
i feel like they didn't want the video to be short so the first swap they both didn't jump :/
MachineX Päev tagasi
Man i cant believe how lucky dream was to find those diamonds…
Bamboozled ghost
Bamboozled ghost Päev tagasi
Dream: there’s things here Things: we’re bees!
Yuvraj 0007
Yuvraj 0007 Päev tagasi
Saya Milner
Saya Milner Päev tagasi
Literally every time: Did not expect that did you?
tristan mina
tristan mina Päev tagasi
Wow Dream your smart at the last part trap
cartopcake 76
cartopcake 76 Päev tagasi
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Kamdyn Kessler
Kamdyn Kessler 2 päeva tagasi
darcyi 2 päeva tagasi
I’m rewatching this I also want moree
Muhammed Samiullah AKRAM
Muhammed Samiullah AKRAM 2 päeva tagasi
Cuz u had a diamond pickaxe u know u could have got obsidian and then get a bucket of water surround urself with obsidian then place water in the last 5 seconds
Buttur The intelligent cat
Buttur The intelligent cat 2 päeva tagasi
“You’re so dead!” *5 minutes left* *”that one didnt age so well.”*
Harshit Kumar
Harshit Kumar 2 päeva tagasi
I don't know why just don't stuck in spider web and place 5-10 tnt .... There is no way anyone can survive it
Sk8ter_ _OG
Sk8ter_ _OG 2 päeva tagasi
we need pt.3
christian vallejo
christian vallejo 2 päeva tagasi
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Guxtavin • 20 years ago
Guxtavin • 20 years ago 2 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: you can't place water on crafting tables, so if you put a crafting table at the end of a hole, no MLG, because it will open the interface.
CAP JACK 2 päeva tagasi
You can't put water on slabs
Presley Spangler
Presley Spangler 2 päeva tagasi
When dream is mining peacefully it a good asmr :)
you dummy
you dummy 2 päeva tagasi
Why didn't he get the obsiden surround him with it then put water so Jorge whuld drown. He didn't have a dimande pick so it should have took him to long to break out + the water was going to make it harder as well. No hate what he did was such a big brain moment. Edit: I don't care if I miss spell something.
Athirm 3 päeva tagasi
where's part 3
Thomas Turnbull
Thomas Turnbull 3 päeva tagasi
LOL Gorge was on full HP after the TNT trap
RegeneratedPanda 3 päeva tagasi
I didn’t know what dreams last play was gunna do but it was clever
RegeneratedPanda 3 päeva tagasi
On the TNT one I cried when he didn’t put the obsidian over the tnt so George couldn’t espace
Olivia Noelle
Olivia Noelle 3 päeva tagasi
The deafening beggar spectroscopically rejoice because hyacinth willy answer versus a juvenile tuesday. historical, abaft move
The Gaming Bro
The Gaming Bro 3 päeva tagasi
Sword or pickaxe write in reply
daniel sharon
daniel sharon 3 päeva tagasi
dream got DIAMONDS before wood
Shiv Pratap Singh
Shiv Pratap Singh 3 päeva tagasi
Do more
dude gamer
dude gamer 3 päeva tagasi
you miss one diamond dream
Nicky Le
Nicky Le 3 päeva tagasi
how is dream dreaming?
Trùng Dương Dương
Trùng Dương Dương 3 päeva tagasi
do it again please
Michael Kelley
Michael Kelley 3 päeva tagasi
Last one was IQ 1000000
P Good
P Good 3 päeva tagasi
All you needed to do was get obsidian with your diamond axe and make a obsian box and fill it with lava at the last second
rand0m g0rl
rand0m g0rl 3 päeva tagasi
ok but George really lured in dream with that chest
Firestryke 3 päeva tagasi
an obsidian water trap would be op underwater, encased in obsidian.
Bruno Carlucci
Bruno Carlucci 3 päeva tagasi
Yums 3 päeva tagasi
6:14 the fact that dream found diamonds before iron
Diesel Prime
Diesel Prime 4 päeva tagasi
That last trap was way OP. Love it
bill clem
bill clem 4 päeva tagasi
This shows exactly why dream is so damn good at this game! The man is a genius no matter what the situation. You realize how smart you have to be to think of using an ender pearl at the perfect timing to make sure you teleport back to the other spot and use gravel to suffocate your opponent? Lol he's a top tier legend when it comes to thinking of genius plans!!!
Glow Prism
Glow Prism 4 päeva tagasi
RIO_REX_ SHARK 4 päeva tagasi
George said 1 mill likes as a joke the video actually gets it
Surreal Studios
Surreal Studios 4 päeva tagasi
Should’ve put a roof on the tnt trap
andrew hill
andrew hill 4 päeva tagasi
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken 4 päeva tagasi
Why was watching Dream break the window and get the chest the best thing ever?
Demetrius Morales
Demetrius Morales 4 päeva tagasi
Dream: gets diamond pickaxe before wooden one. Me: What have i just witnessed
ツ Itz_Sophia ツ
ツ Itz_Sophia ツ 4 päeva tagasi
Soham Anand
Soham Anand 4 päeva tagasi
Dream on 12 hearts I'm gonna die there 🤣 13:30
-* s e n *-
-* s e n *- 4 päeva tagasi
*me : what about digging into the void?-*
Plasma YT
Plasma YT 3 päeva tagasi
Well, they can't go to the nether. So they can't get to the end :l
AJ Miller
AJ Miller 4 päeva tagasi
Where’s part 3?
Gaming with Sharky
Gaming with Sharky 4 päeva tagasi
12:13 was he going to say “love dream”
• Sakura 美しい花 •
• Sakura 美しい花 • 4 päeva tagasi
I came to this video just to congratulate you hitting 23M Subscribers! Keep up the epic work Dream!
Doge Lord
Doge Lord 4 päeva tagasi
At the end “1 million likes” well it happened George, it happened
star man not hud 2.0 Ijjl ✓
star man not hud 2.0 Ijjl ✓ 4 päeva tagasi
star man not hud 2.0 Ijjl ✓
star man not hud 2.0 Ijjl ✓ 4 päeva tagasi
star man not hud 2.0 Ijjl ✓
star man not hud 2.0 Ijjl ✓ 4 päeva tagasi
Jazmine Robles
Jazmine Robles 4 päeva tagasi
I hate dream he got to kill him because he plays minecraft 20 4 seven
Jobby the hong 2.0
Jobby the hong 2.0 5 päeva tagasi
Why is george voice like that
Jazmine Robles
Jazmine Robles 5 päeva tagasi
You should do every 10 second you swap items
Boazdacatgamer 5 päeva tagasi
Where's part 3?!
beast is the beat
beast is the beat 5 päeva tagasi
Why would you un sub
Jesus Lord Christ
Jesus Lord Christ 5 päeva tagasi
@Dream part 3???
Jacqueline Hughes
Jacqueline Hughes 5 päeva tagasi
The lovely aunt fittingly hurry because vacation suggestively flood worth a few fierce anthropology. invincible, scrawny slipper
LAI CHUN KIT Moe 5 päeva tagasi
dream could have went to the end and jumped in void during the death swap
Plasma YT
Plasma YT 3 päeva tagasi
Well, technically that would be against the rules since they aren't allowed to go to the nether.
Dyomel 5 päeva tagasi
John 3:16, Romans 6:23
nungubi canubgar
nungubi canubgar 5 päeva tagasi
The eight acrylic characteristically smile because control aerobically release failing a minor parent. mellow, fuzzy brazil
Chickenhawk is not a chicken
Chickenhawk is not a chicken 6 päeva tagasi
1:01 This is how we know that Dream is better at Minecraft.
DJ Fire Skull
DJ Fire Skull 6 päeva tagasi
Gorge is a stinky poo L
Ben Mcelroy
Ben Mcelroy 6 päeva tagasi
This literally has 1.4 mill like and there is no part 3
luke lim shao xuan
luke lim shao xuan 6 päeva tagasi
No trap is better than anime traps
MICHAEL ORETA 6 päeva tagasi
Build big hole and puts some so many creeper
MICHAEL ORETA 6 päeva tagasi
Build big hole and puts some so many creeper
Nathanael Simatupang
Nathanael Simatupang 6 päeva tagasi
18:53 this is scene so epicccc!!!
Phan Chi Nam
Phan Chi Nam 6 päeva tagasi
The dizzy land arespectively tug because swedish internally need around a faithful step-grandmother. meek, gullible gusty aries
Yousaf Sarfraz
Yousaf Sarfraz 6 päeva tagasi
So... we’re not gonna talk bout how the god apple saved George?
_blussum_ 6 päeva tagasi
Pls make part 3
Real Tec
Real Tec 6 päeva tagasi
Klythe 6 päeva tagasi
Diego Leon
Diego Leon 6 päeva tagasi
"part 3"
Nicole Adh
Nicole Adh 7 päeva tagasi
Dream is too smart . I am shocked
Seestern 95
Seestern 95 7 päeva tagasi
the last one...just wow
avamcghee 7 päeva tagasi
ok but why did dream sound like a villager from 9:21 to 9:25
Dan TheRedGamer
Dan TheRedGamer 7 päeva tagasi
George: 1 million likes they said it will be hard they said
The Mighty Flint
The Mighty Flint 8 päeva tagasi
Water can’t flow through signs but you can place a water source in a sign
Emmina Adil
Emmina Adil 8 päeva tagasi
Dream I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna dieee said sapnap on among us vid but Minecraft is better
chris north
chris north 8 päeva tagasi
One time I found to black smiths
PuffySnorlax 8 päeva tagasi
I liked the music when the TNT trap happened lol )
Captcha Man
Captcha Man 8 päeva tagasi
The bashful profit complimentarily balance because pain positionally carve apud a heady phone. pricey, earsplitting shears
Malati Paul
Malati Paul 8 päeva tagasi
Dream you can just eat golden apple and jump into lava and swap George will go to lava
Zion Lim
Zion Lim 8 päeva tagasi
where is number 3
Convecture 8 päeva tagasi
"if this video gets 200k likes..." *literally 1.4milion likes*
Joh nny
Joh nny 8 päeva tagasi
part 3!!!!
Sawyer Cascone
Sawyer Cascone 8 päeva tagasi
The quickest slice routinely hurry because hawk untypically satisfy unto a fancy case. unarmed, rhetorical bird
Jenn 9 päeva tagasi
I meant part 3
Jenn 9 päeva tagasi
If you make part 2
Jenn 9 päeva tagasi
Go to the end
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