Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine

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Herobrine, the evil creature of Minecraft. Is Herobrine real? Where did Herobrine come from? Has Herobrine ever been in Minecraft, and will he ever be? Is there any proof? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine.

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Herobrine has and probably always will be Minecraft's greatest evil villain. If Steve is Minecraft's best friend, Herobrine is it's enemy. Herobrine has been talked about time and time again, but no one has really gone into too much detail. This video goes into details about his origins, if he is real or fake, where it all started, and some interesting mysteries involving him.

Justin Bermudez
Justin Bermudez Minut tagasi
The video keeps lagging. Dis Herobrine?!?
Scribble 58 minutit tagasi
Can you make this video less scary please
Charles A
Charles A Tund tagasi
My dream is to see Herobrine vs dream or hacks vs super skill
TheMinecraftSkillz 2 tundi tagasi
There is literally nothing that scares me more than that darn thing
Nino Matranga
Nino Matranga 4 tundi tagasi
Herobrine a mob? It might have been a code glitch they can't get rid of. He probably is a big glitch code in the game that the devs can't get rid of. Scary.
Ashjhay Tighanon
Ashjhay Tighanon 4 tundi tagasi
•aParallel_ Universe•
•aParallel_ Universe• 6 tundi tagasi
Can we take a second to just appreciate the editing on this?
ItzYaboiMoiz 6 tundi tagasi
I think herobrine is a virus that notch have to seal up
nfl.football 16
nfl.football 16 7 tundi tagasi
never ever going to the nether :[
Herobrine 7 tundi tagasi
Jip cobben
Jip cobben 8 tundi tagasi
4:34 herobrine is there lol at the right
Luciano Milbra
Luciano Milbra 9 tundi tagasi
wait did they remove herobrine in 1.17?
Luciano Milbra
Luciano Milbra 9 tundi tagasi
Did you see that in 1.16.2 update there's "removed herobrine"?
Gina Tomagos
Gina Tomagos 10 tundi tagasi
Red Among Us
Red Among Us 10 tundi tagasi
On my world my chunks were destroy I'm. Think it was Herobrine but idk
checkmate romir
checkmate romir 10 tundi tagasi
He should start making documentaries.
Sus 11 tundi tagasi
I though i hear herobring minecraft *BIGFOOT* at the start uhhhh
Tank user
Tank user 12 tundi tagasi
Go in Herobrian seed seed is Herobrian when he not come in 2 days you are unlucky but try again Ummm.... To But warning be care on he working for u he have a punishment for u when u careless to Herobrian
ethan ng
ethan ng 14 tundi tagasi
it gives me the chills
Wack! Wack!
Wack! Wack! 14 tundi tagasi
4:00 u see herobrine
Christian See
Christian See 15 tundi tagasi
Herobrine thinks he’s best at pvp… Until he meets dream
olivia sarabia
olivia sarabia 16 tundi tagasi
I think herobrine is in my world bc im an old version minecraft
olivia sarabia
olivia sarabia 16 tundi tagasi
Me too i see a pillageroutpost at the middle of the river
olivia sarabia
olivia sarabia 16 tundi tagasi
When i was in a new world i saw a plus sign dirt thats not a clickbait
Joshua Starr
Joshua Starr 17 tundi tagasi
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 18 tundi tagasi
I think he exists
lama_plays 21 tund tagasi
this creepy
ListenP 21 tund tagasi
Herobrine was made by notch. He’s been made on Halloween he gets created in worlds when saying haunted on home.
Faith McClaskey
Faith McClaskey 21 tund tagasi
I’ve seen a small pyramid in the ocean on my creative game once. But I didn’t even know herobrine “existed” at the time
Zac Scoullar
Zac Scoullar 23 tundi tagasi
Herobrine is actually trying to protect you from something actually dangerous
hayzplayz Päev tagasi
Everybody gangsta until the trees start taking off their clothes
NotFoXy BG
NotFoXy BG Päev tagasi
Me: forgots what is hero brine This video: recommended for you
YellowNote89 Päev tagasi
I've been playing Minecraft for almost 9 years now, and I've never heard of Herobrine. Kinda sad.
Mustafa Alminawi
Mustafa Alminawi Päev tagasi
Hero brine is a mod
Lucius Ortiz Marrero
Lucius Ortiz Marrero Päev tagasi
i think the cave sounds is herobrine
daki Päev tagasi
You can clearly see Herobrine at 0:21
Official Fanny
Official Fanny Päev tagasi
everyone gangsta untill the player turned into creative mode
Mario Paino
Mario Paino Päev tagasi
What about 1.17
Ninja Gaming
Ninja Gaming Päev tagasi
R.I.P. This series' season 2. I actually really loved this series tbh :'(
whatseatoya Päev tagasi
Ahh yes I finally found someone that is like GhepoMC , Dan , Denis , Wifies and Sipover..by making these contents..anyways Grassseass for making good contents
Intrestwastaken Päev tagasi
herobrine is an asian parent wdym hes looking for steve who ran away cus herobrine slapped him makes sense right?
Danism Päev tagasi
Me sees Herobrine in my world : *breaks PC*
Alfonsa Mani
Alfonsa Mani Päev tagasi
Rokas Mickus
Rokas Mickus Päev tagasi
They could make herobrine like a boss
TheNewShreyamB99 Gaming
TheNewShreyamB99 Gaming Päev tagasi
herobrine is a idiot lol
build and blocks with akshaj
build and blocks with akshaj Päev tagasi
i know herobrine full story
John Johnson
John Johnson Päev tagasi
Shut up
Marianie Montalbo
Marianie Montalbo Päev tagasi
The unsolved mystery of dream
Alfredo Päev tagasi
cool guy vlogs
cool guy vlogs Päev tagasi
every body is scared me is scared of how george is floating
lennyhhh Päev tagasi
Everyone else: *Wants more manhunts* Me: *Wants more unsolved mysteries of minecraft*
Juno Truno
Juno Truno Päev tagasi
I have thes word the big hool in my world on my frind join my world hi see somting in my world i sad did you do des hi sad no its jus a kid 3yers old but wy tmmy world have herobrian
captain Herkules
captain Herkules Päev tagasi
Herobrine isnt real
Antwaun Anderson
Antwaun Anderson Päev tagasi
captain Herkules
captain Herkules Päev tagasi
Herobrine isnt real. Your just seeking attention.
Natalia Lopes Correa
Natalia Lopes Correa Päev tagasi
Da sua skin do Dream
Marcus Lucas
Marcus Lucas Päev tagasi
It was dream that ate the chicken
Awsome Gamer
Awsome Gamer Päev tagasi
Cool dude I enjoy these video please do more
Faen Päev tagasi
I'm not scared of Herobrine I just fcking hate JUMPSCARES! Damnit!
Panda and Hunter
Panda and Hunter 2 päeva tagasi
More unsolved mystery please
Savannahs life 2021
Savannahs life 2021 2 päeva tagasi
Yo That stream is on prime :O
Dqrk Shqdows
Dqrk Shqdows 2 päeva tagasi
"What do you think of when you think of Herobrine?" Eret
Suzanne Givens
Suzanne Givens 2 päeva tagasi
I saw herobrine on my server in survival haunting me
GamingWith_ Millie
GamingWith_ Millie 2 päeva tagasi
Not me watching in 2021
Tamra Robinson
Tamra Robinson 2 päeva tagasi
Herobrian:I am the evilest thing in Minecraft Entity 303 team:hold my insanity
Henry Goodey
Henry Goodey 2 päeva tagasi
It’s George not found without his goggys :O
Penelope Bayless
Penelope Bayless 2 päeva tagasi
I have never seen anything on my 1.16 worlds, but I did feel like there was some stuff missing in my chests...
Twisted_Bear 666
Twisted_Bear 666 2 päeva tagasi
*Wait a second.* *Why is there so much sand over there, Dream?*
Kashif Raza
Kashif Raza 2 päeva tagasi
If herobrine come in front of me I will say him bad thing and then never play minecraft
Calebjam10 2 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: They just forgot to put "Removed Herobrine"
absolutetrash 2 päeva tagasi
i’m pretty sure this was his first video i ever watched
Infinite_ Ghoul
Infinite_ Ghoul 2 päeva tagasi
its been 6 years of playing Minecraft And Nothing Happened
Dyomel 2 päeva tagasi
1 PETER 5:7, ROMANS 6:23
jennifer martocci
jennifer martocci 2 päeva tagasi
funny story, there is a snap shot where almost every tree is weird and funny.
HEROBRINE 2 päeva tagasi
yes i visited his world
Máté Dávid Papp
Máté Dávid Papp 2 päeva tagasi
hello there
rainyqx 2 päeva tagasi
why am i here? oh im just here because i want to hear dream's voice while i do homework
Heather Clark
Heather Clark 2 päeva tagasi
Herobrine is going to be around in 1.17 because I herd a creepy sound like he he he ho ho ho ho in Minecraft. MOJANG REMOVE HEROBRINE! Do it do it he is not just a ghost he is a legend of Minecraft.
GG4999 2 päeva tagasi
Vilte Grigaraviciute
Vilte Grigaraviciute 2 päeva tagasi
I saw herobrine
captain Herkules
captain Herkules Päev tagasi
No he isnt real.
TR3 gam1ngツ
TR3 gam1ngツ 2 päeva tagasi
Speedrunner vs hero HAHA
syber blade akshith
syber blade akshith 2 päeva tagasi
i have seen herobrine when i was a complete noob and i had no idiea what he was my freands told me it was harobrine
Kailash 3233 IX A1
Kailash 3233 IX A1 2 päeva tagasi
Fun fact : George is actually herobrine who wears glasses
Caden Renken
Caden Renken 2 päeva tagasi
But was kept secret
Caden Renken
Caden Renken 2 päeva tagasi
I bet Herobrine is probably added by the developers for a fun scary legend
Ashwini Lad
Ashwini Lad 2 päeva tagasi
Ashwini Lad
Ashwini Lad 2 päeva tagasi
Penelope Bayless
Penelope Bayless 2 päeva tagasi
Dream: (Talks about scary boi Herobrine Also Dream: (Tells u to sub right after)
Ali Tarawneh
Ali Tarawneh 2 päeva tagasi
Harabrine is in the background when you were talking to bad and sapnap and gorege on maintain
19Yearold 2 päeva tagasi
time stamp
Nick_theDilo 2 päeva tagasi
I'd say it was some type of glitch in the Minecraft world system, because there could be just a coding in the system that puts Herobrine to his existence, or, Mojang could just add Herobrine on purpose on some worlds to just haunt players.
Cat 2 päeva tagasi
Dream I know ur having to deal with all this hate that you don't deserve but we NEED more unsolved mysterious with sapnap, Georgenotfound, and bad PLS
TSAR BOMB 2 päeva tagasi
I have a theory notch added Herobrine as a memorial in her brothers death
DEWI PUSPA 2 päeva tagasi
This is why i dont play minecraft
Sanjeev Bera
Sanjeev Bera 2 päeva tagasi
Dream can make a easy blocks game into a creepy story😱
Rachel Alingag
Rachel Alingag 2 päeva tagasi
hi dream im from filipines and i love ur vedio so mutch
CubOaklee 🐻
CubOaklee 🐻 2 päeva tagasi
I think he is one of the very very first minecraft players who died of so unknown diseize and his last membory was minecraft
Tariq Lavingia
Tariq Lavingia 3 päeva tagasi
Is that where Bad got his muffinhead saying from
Night Cooler
Night Cooler 3 päeva tagasi
No one is taking about how the patch notes said he was removed, IF HE WAS REMOVED THAT MEANS HE WAS THERE BEFORe, you can’t remove somthing that wasn’t there,
Pickles 3 päeva tagasi
Bring back minecraft unsolved!!!
lara habba1
lara habba1 3 päeva tagasi
Omg did you see the hole that was the sun under and you can see the sun down in the night my sister had that befor and in my sis server our animals all of them diede so manythibgs get lost so what the hell and in a day i was playing then i leave my server i sad a chest i clck on it my word got on the sand and a villge and an indrman stnding in water i was gonna die and i left there was no bottom to get out i close my phone and open it agin the world despier i am shocek
P Lone
P Lone 3 päeva tagasi
4:00 there is herobrine in left
TheGirafficorn 3 päeva tagasi
I love how the music changed when george came on XD
Dacud Jaja
Dacud Jaja 3 päeva tagasi
I’ve seen him before lol
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