Minecraft, But It's a Zombie Apocalypse

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Minecraft, But It's a Zombie Apocalypse... There are tons of different types of zombies! Some throw you, some explode, some are super fast, and much more!
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the Zombie Apocalypse destroys and consumes the entire world and all the blocks in it. This was super intense.

Can I beat the enderdragon?

Want to see this again? Like the video and we'll make it a series!

Minecraft But challenge

Hi Im Johnson
Hi Im Johnson 2 tundi tagasi
Pls Make It Series😭
ReallyIm_T0ast 2 tundi tagasi
HOL UP HOL UP DREAM IVE BEEN WANTING TO SAY THIS can i join the smp? i have a smp but we play alot of games an im the only person with minecraft please dream let me join the smp my mc user is Pugboss2011 (if i cant its okay i can continue my roblox smp its okay if you dont accpect its alright im only a teen anyways i havent posted videos for a while so yeah)
Rafi Cali Kiki Soriano
Rafi Cali Kiki Soriano 3 tundi tagasi
love you 💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰
S4ber Pl4yz
S4ber Pl4yz 6 tundi tagasi
George’s body not found
cjhenks 8 tundi tagasi
Gorge: AAAAAAAAH Dream: are you ok? Gorge: I’m fine *gorge is on fire*
cjhenks 8 tundi tagasi
AwesomeGirl Animation
AwesomeGirl Animation 9 tundi tagasi
When dream missed his jump and started screaming a lololololololololoooololo
E D U A R D O 10 tundi tagasi
El efecto 2 del covid 19
Doritooosss 10 tundi tagasi
it's the first time i see a video with 1M Likes
pastel amassado
pastel amassado 10 tundi tagasi
Que você não faz um apocalipse Ender Dragon
TheMechiManShow 10 tundi tagasi
Zombies yo oh dream
Matilde Carolina Lopes Fernandes - Aluno
Matilde Carolina Lopes Fernandes - Aluno 12 tundi tagasi
Ghazi Aldeeb
Ghazi Aldeeb 12 tundi tagasi
nether portal... more like the ad portal
XjayelynnX 13 tundi tagasi
George saying f@ck at 10:42 smh
Ariel Belen
Ariel Belen 14 tundi tagasi
Ariel Belen
Ariel Belen 14 tundi tagasi
Дмитрий Катан
Дмитрий Катан 14 tundi tagasi
До сих пор надеюсь встретить здесь русских! Кстати мечта ты крутой?
Ken 15 tundi tagasi
Why the zombie in the sun was not burn
aika slayer
aika slayer 15 tundi tagasi
I think i hear dream say swetie 🤔
Margie Tomance
Margie Tomance 18 tundi tagasi
Dream so Cool
Mason Hoang
Mason Hoang 23 tundi tagasi
I just love the way George said AHHH😂
ImDaMr 23 tundi tagasi
Fun fact :D, if you're ender eye breaks, that means your right over the stronghold!
ImDaMr Päev tagasi
So cute ngl.
dominik ares
dominik ares Päev tagasi
“Let’s go to the nether in 3..2..1..:” unskippable ad.
Marcus McComb III
Marcus McComb III Päev tagasi
im inspired by you dream im gonna make my own channel called The akward middle skooler
YellowNote89 Päev tagasi
I will never complain about having to fight zombies when I mine
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez Päev tagasi
The madly dessert molecularly notice because dish curiously part despite a magnificent guide. shallow, shiny crate
titanic fan
titanic fan Päev tagasi
Fiona Paterson
Fiona Paterson Päev tagasi
At the start- You and your *friend*? If you get my jift
Marie Päev tagasi
Isn't it always a zombie apocalypse
WolfKing Päev tagasi
That's too many zombies
Lemon Sugar Squad 🍋
Lemon Sugar Squad 🍋 Päev tagasi
Dream Dream Dream
HDN Diamond
HDN Diamond Päev tagasi
Johnny A
Johnny A Päev tagasi
15:28 Dream misses parkour, im scared for my life, thats not right
Eden Belga
Eden Belga Päev tagasi
The BG music is intense😂
kenjimon Päev tagasi
do a vid beating Minecraft on an island
monster Päev tagasi
интересно почему русских нет? я смотрю вобще захоит.
By_Torcher Päev tagasi
ı missing old times....
Lazuli-Mew Päev tagasi
5:43 "that was like a muscle zombie, he did like 10 hearts!" *But 10 hearts is a full health bar*
Allan Gabilino
Allan Gabilino Päev tagasi
Im gonna try and escape with my boyfriend from the apocalypse 😌😚
Tara Smith
Tara Smith Päev tagasi
Cause I’ve been kinda watching a few vids by now
Tara Smith
Tara Smith Päev tagasi
You just earned yourself a new subscriber UnU
WolfLord Päev tagasi
I'm dieing laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yaritzxa Roux Mandapat
Yaritzxa Roux Mandapat Päev tagasi
NathanPlayz Päev tagasi
I just started watching you dream and your funny as frick
박라이언 Päev tagasi
겁나 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
gaming channel
gaming channel 2 päeva tagasi
can i join the dream smp pls ive always wanted to cuz the only purpose im here is to join pls
Platinum Gaming
Platinum Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Zamalla Coria
Zamalla Coria 2 päeva tagasi
Dream: ✨👽 *alien nosies* 👽✨
Lesly Morales
Lesly Morales 2 päeva tagasi
Where’s sapnap
Agus Eko
Agus Eko 2 päeva tagasi
Wah drum kamu hedat sekali main Minecraft dan Pro lebih pro biasa
David Dorough
David Dorough 2 päeva tagasi
22:28 Zombie on a George
ThatOne_PeanutButter_Cup 2 päeva tagasi
19:36 that sound effect
J B 2 päeva tagasi
This is quite the duo
Diego Jose Duerr Pfau
Diego Jose Duerr Pfau 2 päeva tagasi
Dream in normal moments: noob Dream in mortal moments: pro
Logical Maths - Arpit Gupta
Logical Maths - Arpit Gupta 2 päeva tagasi
When I feel bored , I watch dreams previous videos...
Reyven Natnat
Reyven Natnat 2 päeva tagasi
Crystal Durman
Crystal Durman 2 päeva tagasi
14:14 "Waow, Dream" PLS HE SOUNDED SO IMPRESSED 14:31 "This is very nice, it's just for us" Whatchu thinking bout boy? 😏
Wilma Andan
Wilma Andan 2 päeva tagasi
I have seen this in gerogenotfound😮😮
КОШКА ПОЛИНА 2 päeva tagasi
Обожаю, когда они орут😌
LvX 2 päeva tagasi
LBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLB 17:32 and again 17:4
AD_ Gaming
AD_ Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Bro you can also make a video on ‘if a zombie bites me, I’ll turn into a zombie’
BenjiBoi Gaming
BenjiBoi Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Dream: "-where me and my FRIEND" Me: "oh yeah, likes george is your 'friend'. I don't think so-"
BenjiBoi Gaming
BenjiBoi Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
we all just feel the chemistry right?
Its Wowlaula
Its Wowlaula 2 päeva tagasi
Did tommyinnit watch this video
Its Wowlaula
Its Wowlaula 2 päeva tagasi
I always see zombies in minecraft ITS INSANE!!!!
Its Wowlaula
Its Wowlaula 2 päeva tagasi
This is what I do first in survival ITS INSANE!!!!
Its Wowlaula
Its Wowlaula 2 päeva tagasi
Dream is the best minecraft player in the world did u know that!?
Shana Wright
Shana Wright 2 päeva tagasi
The feeble feigned perch complementarily x-ray because drum moberly laugh amid a steep wine. old-fashioned, agonizing note
2D Gamer
2D Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
Dream: dies. George: tries to get the stuff. Also George:’’NO’’ Dream: what are the cords. George: ‘’NO’’. Me: so those are the cords
Alberto Guerra Ortiz
Alberto Guerra Ortiz 3 päeva tagasi
Dream ua puedes actualisar la 1.17
Mari Arias
Mari Arias 3 päeva tagasi
Dreams intros are so mysterious
İlham Huseynov
İlham Huseynov 3 päeva tagasi
You are very clever👈
Zapis x
Zapis x 3 päeva tagasi
AMIRALD 2.0 3 päeva tagasi
А я русский( I am Rassia
fo fo
fo fo 3 päeva tagasi
Algeria is here
Legend x gamer
Legend x gamer 3 päeva tagasi
I like u so much
Illya Maz
Illya Maz 3 päeva tagasi
cool :)
Rodelyn Merzs
Rodelyn Merzs 3 päeva tagasi
I love the part where they can't get the furnace hahahaha
Soleo 3 päeva tagasi
This is like a whole year late but George couldn't see the fortress because to him red and blackish-purple blend really well from far away
Mia Barahona
Mia Barahona 3 päeva tagasi
17:30 Dream: I believe I can fly Also dream: ALULULULU
Erlan Antunez
Erlan Antunez 3 päeva tagasi
17:30 best part it was so funny
Kate Bartolo
Kate Bartolo 3 päeva tagasi
That’s a lot of zombies Dream do you think you can beat the game but since you are so good I think you can do it :) :)
Sean Anthony Leynes
Sean Anthony Leynes 3 päeva tagasi
Maybe somwhere in 6:59 looks like you made a zombie grinder by using it as an advantage
Endless Content
Endless Content 3 päeva tagasi
The fast zombies are probably the fathers of the baby zombies.
Gelyn	 Aduana
Gelyn Aduana 3 päeva tagasi
can you do a RLcraft modded manhunt
Owen Kleckner
Owen Kleckner 3 päeva tagasi
Me cringing when I see dream kill a zombie with a axe when his sword is right next to the axe😬
paige Päev tagasi
I’m pretty sure in Java they do the same damage and that is just what dream is used to
May Carter
May Carter 4 päeva tagasi
Oh my god
Laura Haapamaki
Laura Haapamaki 4 päeva tagasi
Endless Content
Endless Content 4 päeva tagasi
2:37 2:48 5:01 6:21 10:59 15:17 16:26 17:11 17:32 19:36 19:49 19:56 20:55 22:13 22:36 22:51 23:32 24:10 24:31 26:09 26:25 28:41
basl hazem
basl hazem 4 päeva tagasi
at 16:12 dream turned on mrbeast scream mode
basl hazem
basl hazem 4 päeva tagasi
i mean at 16:11
basl hazem
basl hazem 4 päeva tagasi
at 16:16 dream turns to mrbeast mode saying AHHHH in lava with mrbeast scream on
Sniper man
Sniper man 4 päeva tagasi
12:50 what the music
Da'Quon Harris
Da'Quon Harris 4 päeva tagasi
Dream is gay
Dwukropek Buźka
Dwukropek Buźka 4 päeva tagasi
you need do speedrun vs zombie
Keagan Davies
Keagan Davies 4 päeva tagasi
I sub
Su #
Su # 4 päeva tagasi
George is so bad at minecraft in this ep it cringes me so bad =(
paige Päev tagasi
They were literally being chased by zombies and this video came out a long time ago he has improved
Anikó Nagy
Anikó Nagy 4 päeva tagasi
The forgetful fight regrettably work because shirt consecutively smoke under a next crop. short, juvenile crocodile
Yuri Salac
Yuri Salac 4 päeva tagasi
Hello danny Gonzales! Or Clay
Bhuvnesh Pratap
Bhuvnesh Pratap 4 päeva tagasi
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