Minecraft Block Shuffle...

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Minecraft Block Shuffle... Can we hunt down some of Minecraft's most random blocks? Or will we die trying...
DreamXD: @DreamXD

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George: @GeorgeNotFound
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. We try and find and stand on random blocks that are selected after each round. We have five minutes to find and stand on the block before we lose. Me and my friend George both get different random blocks, and whoever loses first loses the game.

If this video gets 100,000 likes we'll make this a series!

This is a little different than my normal content. Rather than being about combat or about trapping, this is about racing and about general Minecraft skills. This was super fun, challenging, and pretty funny overall.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.

Dream Aasta tagasi
Getting some comments about BastiGHG (A (german?) youtuber) having done something similar to this (although solo). We came up with this ideas ourselves and custom coded it and are unaware of it being done anywhere else, but if he did something similar first then might as well comment it here :) Hope you guys enjoyed the video!!
Tiko is best
Tiko is best 13 päeva tagasi
You are psicho
Meme Dai
Meme Dai Місяць tagasi
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill 2 місяці tagasi
Face reveal at 50m subs?
Sal Marsilla
Sal Marsilla 2 місяці tagasi
With the ice. You coulda put down the water then it woulda froze and it woulda turned into ice
Cory Hannemann
Cory Hannemann 2 місяці tagasi
Ok jehh
J Games
J Games 51 minut tagasi
everybody gangsta till george get air and dream gets petriefied wood slab
Aaron Rollefson
Aaron Rollefson 2 tundi tagasi
I found red stone on Y 23
Greg Klimovitz
Greg Klimovitz 5 tundi tagasi
7:03 does anyone hear jingle bells?! In April?! There is so much Christmas music!
Cindy the Cinderace and the Seven
Cindy the Cinderace and the Seven 6 tundi tagasi
i remember when he had 7mil
checkmate romir
checkmate romir 6 tundi tagasi
Dream- I'm not gonna make it in time! Also Dream- Breaks bushes
Jillian Meishi Almonicar
Jillian Meishi Almonicar 6 tundi tagasi
Jillian Meishi Almonicar
Jillian Meishi Almonicar 6 tundi tagasi
Wolfie_1985 7 tundi tagasi
It's funny how he says see an instead of si an cyan
Ximposter 11 tundi tagasi
He said cian instead if cyan
Swastik Biswal
Swastik Biswal 11 tundi tagasi
dream you could have gone to the village for book shelf
Sofia Emerick
Sofia Emerick 12 tundi tagasi
I like that at 6:10 George is basically narrating exactly what Dream is doing.
Alex Gritsanov
Alex Gritsanov 12 tundi tagasi
JORDAN GAMERS 17 tundi tagasi
like at 7:27 he had put Christmas song
kokmona hokumqur
kokmona hokumqur 18 tundi tagasi
The auspicious berry correspondingly own because grey analogously end amongst a shiny force. tremendous, alluring mallet
Daxton 19 tundi tagasi
It sucks that you can se the progress bar
Cassy Heil
Cassy Heil 21 tund tagasi
13:28 is dreams cute laugh
Official Panda
Official Panda 22 tundi tagasi
0:01 we all k ow George is more than a friend Dream. Smh
TheSlayer1335 23 tundi tagasi
POV: You’re bored so you watch dreams old videos
AGlitchXD 23 tundi tagasi
George: Im colorblind Me: Cant u like only see blue-
ANYA DEHNE Päev tagasi
wait im colorblind how do i find blue? YOUR NOT COLOR BLIND TO BLUE GOGY
Mateo Hecimovic
Mateo Hecimovic Päev tagasi
We not going to question why there is Christmas music on in April
Moonie Päev tagasi
"see-an" dye
Dsitai Beifti
Dsitai Beifti Päev tagasi
The heady night weekly snatch because galley regretfully hover alongside a horrible toad. paltry, honorable print
5H - H3R0
5H - H3R0 Päev tagasi
Dream making Nether Portal is so satisfying!
Rylen Keeler
Rylen Keeler Päev tagasi
I like how he said the ice is this way and heads into the desert
PlatinumW0LF Päev tagasi
Imagin you do this it says "Stand on NETHERITE block"
PlatinumW0LF 15 tundi tagasi
Ik just saying if it was in 1.16
FeltyGolem 17 tundi tagasi
This is 1.15 though
Taha Retiwalla
Taha Retiwalla Päev tagasi
“Ceeean concrete” -Dream
Jasmine Taylor-Ali
Jasmine Taylor-Ali Päev tagasi
not me bored so i watch dream and gogy vids
Tiia Aim
Tiia Aim Päev tagasi
Tacocat2469 Päev tagasi
George funding that fortress was possibly the luckiest thing I have ever seen in Minecraft
Will Radford
Will Radford Päev tagasi
you can just craft a nether brick with for nether ingots which are obtained by smelting netherack
Rheann Rain Ocbeña
Rheann Rain Ocbeña Päev tagasi
AYO!!!! 18:48 DNF MOMENT
Ethan V 2028
Ethan V 2028 Päev tagasi
Dream: This is the biggest underground cave I've ever seen. 1.17: Hold my beer.
purple turtle
purple turtle Päev tagasi
Hm how did George see the yellow flower if he is Colour blind
Gaming and Tech
Gaming and Tech Päev tagasi
13:11 THta laugh😂😂😂
PewDiePie Shorts
PewDiePie Shorts Päev tagasi
13:11 a balloon?
xzeroColy22 YT
xzeroColy22 YT Päev tagasi
8:45 lol 69
hi Päev tagasi
Stephen Wilford
Stephen Wilford Päev tagasi
George: must find and stand on a dead shrub Dream: must find and stand on a lava block
Tacocat2469 Päev tagasi
George: “Maybe you could find a big cave and get lucky.” Dream 00000.1 seconds later: finds big cave with diamonds
Tacocat2469 Päev tagasi
George: Grass block Dream: DiAmOnD oRe
cooper novak
cooper novak Päev tagasi
Did anyone else see how much ice he passed while looking for ice
BigBroBrain Päev tagasi
Watching dream slaughter those horses for leather physically pained me.
No Päev tagasi
13:12 kettle
Ryan Meehan
Ryan Meehan Päev tagasi
George: grass block Dream: Dragon head
Maria Luiza Celusniak
Maria Luiza Celusniak Päev tagasi
how is no one talking about how at the very end dream got lime concrete and george got blue concrete lol
Dragon guy
Dragon guy Päev tagasi
I am so mad how you tricked your friend so bad 😂😂😂😂
Oliver Palacios
Oliver Palacios Päev tagasi
24:40 are dimonds
Turtlesareggooo Päev tagasi
Why am I watching Dream and enjoying it
G E Päev tagasi
A_V0ided _Nyoko_
A_V0ided _Nyoko_ Päev tagasi
3:50 PURE SKILL 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chef sprite
Chef sprite Päev tagasi
George: you must stand on grass block Dream: you must stand on purpur block
Yourdailydoseofcringecos Päev tagasi
Why he gotta say friend- *it's George* He ain't your friend he your lover
sans4life31 2 päeva tagasi
Dream if u see this please make more vids like this
Jaxson Vongphakdy
Jaxson Vongphakdy 2 päeva tagasi
George: find leaves Dream: netherite block
Jaxson Vongphakdy
Jaxson Vongphakdy 2 päeva tagasi
Thank you for the like!
B2Beaver 2 päeva tagasi
Here 2021 cuz I’m bored anyone else?
Henk Dagblad NL
Henk Dagblad NL 2 päeva tagasi
13:09 wow im dying
Henk Dagblad NL
Henk Dagblad NL 2 päeva tagasi
12:51Beacon sounds*
Katherine Costa
Katherine Costa 2 päeva tagasi
Dream: finds diamonds *Christmas music intensifies*
_.Aki秋._ 2 päeva tagasi
Oh boy I sure do love my “see Yan” concrete
Minecraft Ice 1314
Minecraft Ice 1314 2 päeva tagasi
10:50 George... How can you know that's yellow wool....
Missing Name
Missing Name 2 päeva tagasi
Abonniere mich würdė mich freun
Minecraft Ice 1314
Minecraft Ice 1314 2 päeva tagasi
12:59 George... Find the blue flower🤣
Minecraft Ice 1314
Minecraft Ice 1314 2 päeva tagasi
When Dream found diamond... Play the Christmas music...
duck guy
duck guy 2 päeva tagasi
DREAM!! I mean clay hi
Charlotte Dowsett
Charlotte Dowsett 2 päeva tagasi
The frozen gamer
The frozen gamer 2 päeva tagasi
George: you must stand on grass Dream: you must find and stand on barrier block
Pump 2 päeva tagasi
George: *gets netherite block* Also George: WHAT
Gachaxrose 2 päeva tagasi
I bet the mc manhunt song got popular cause dream plays it
avery 2 päeva tagasi
it’s fine i’m only one year late
Simay YT
Simay YT 3 päeva tagasi
bro you say seean instead of cyan
anawasntfound 3 päeva tagasi
george: where do i get blue flowers... i'm colour blind :( dream: *kettle noises intensify*
Semini Smith
Semini Smith 3 päeva tagasi
The rural stepdaughter specifically support because farmer extragingivally intend about a fast craftsman. spectacular, fanatical soil
Xitro & NÃØ_XX
Xitro & NÃØ_XX 3 päeva tagasi
je ne comprend pas
Addison Bar
Addison Bar 3 päeva tagasi
The alert whistle gully obey because workshop naively cause failing a swift timbale. delightful, hungry kale
Nathan Kuberski
Nathan Kuberski 3 päeva tagasi
See-an concrete- Dream
MessyInnit💜🌸 3 päeva tagasi
17:32 That sand floating is looking awfully sus Please tell me somebody sees it 😂
Sofia Rahimi
Sofia Rahimi 3 päeva tagasi
Sicks FPS
Sicks FPS 3 päeva tagasi
@Dream you are the best
Emmy Rush
Emmy Rush 3 päeva tagasi
Somebody call 911, shawty fire burning on the dance floor owoaahhh
Emmy Rush
Emmy Rush 3 päeva tagasi
Cyan= “Seean” Is that like an overseas thing?? 😂😂
Eilaf 9448
Eilaf 9448 3 päeva tagasi
Idk 🤪 maybe bc I have a nother language this is my second language ?
Emmy Rush
Emmy Rush 3 päeva tagasi
@Eilaf 9448 how were you wrong about it?
Eilaf 9448
Eilaf 9448 3 päeva tagasi
Eilaf 9448
Eilaf 9448 3 päeva tagasi
Oh I was rong about sedan /:
francesca birns
francesca birns 3 päeva tagasi
18:36 "SEE AN CONCRETE?????" sigh an dream. cyan is pronounced sigh an.
Roblox legend
Roblox legend 4 päeva tagasi
Pronounced ci-an not see-an
ytirar 4 päeva tagasi
still waiting for block shuffle 2
Michael Kelley
Michael Kelley 4 päeva tagasi
I love how Dream plays Christmas music when he finds diamonds
Zoe Rodriguez
Zoe Rodriguez 4 päeva tagasi
Even all know dream is gonna win, just with the amount of difficult blocks he gets.
Ian Morse
Ian Morse 4 päeva tagasi
“Seeyan Concrete” -Dream
Starry・Moss 4 päeva tagasi
George: Stand on a grass block Dream: Stand on a Barrier block
abby ruth
abby ruth 4 päeva tagasi
7:41 why is he playing Christmas music lmao 💀
Joanna Faben
Joanna Faben 4 päeva tagasi
George:stand on grass Dream:StAnD oN eNdEr DrAgOn
Mostakim Rahman
Mostakim Rahman 4 päeva tagasi
George: stand on clay Dream: visible stress*
Gacha Trixic
Gacha Trixic 4 päeva tagasi
All is well until you get Endstone.
BurgerBoy 4 päeva tagasi
what id the optifine
Surtu 4 päeva tagasi
"Good luck finding a fortress" --Can literally smelt 4 netherrack to make netherbrick
Ms Wolf Gaming
Ms Wolf Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Dream:CYAN CONCRETE!!! Me:that’s not how you say it🤦🏼 My brain:ok Mr. big IQ LOL 😝 😆 😂
Dublow 4 päeva tagasi
This is probably the 5th time I’ve watched this video and I don’t regret a second of it
Ms Wolf Gaming
Ms Wolf Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or is dream’s laugh 😂 so funny I love it when he laughs
BecomingAGOAT22 4 päeva tagasi
Blue flower red thorns blue flower red thorns
CYTRYNKA PL 4 päeva tagasi
2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 : D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D
Courtney Brewer
Courtney Brewer 4 päeva tagasi
George: has to only jog Dream: has to dudududu
ImDaMr 4 päeva tagasi
F in the comments for george being colorblind 😔
Plummed 4 päeva tagasi
George: How do I find blue dye I’M COLORBLIND Me: Then how do you know if you picked the right flower for yellow dye
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